Frequently Asked Questions


Is AIRmaker an on-going or one-off programme?

AIRmaker is an on-going programme with the first batch starting in August 2016 and second batch starting in the beginning of 2017.

Do you help entrepreneurs with visa or company incorporation?

If you do not have a valid permit in Singapore, we will help to facilitate your application process and link you up with the relevant authorities.

How long is the programme?

The program lasts for 3 months. Startups will spend time in both Singapore and Shenzhen (China) during the 3 months to validate the business model, get connected to manufacturing partners and gain access to investors at global scale.

What happens during the program?

Once you’re accepted into the program we will guide you from strategy to execution. The program consists of three phases: Discover (Singapore), Build (China) and Sell (Singapore). Find out more details here.

Do we have to be present in Singapore and Shenzhen for the program duration?

The accelerator program is designed to provoke critical discussions, to test and validate your assumptions with frequent iteration on your strategy. To benefit the most from what AIRmaker has to offer, the founding team is required to commit according to the program schedule.

How will AIRmaker help us and how much equity do you take in return?

AIRmaker team and partners will leverage their resources and capabilities to help you succeed. These include exclusive access to experts’ knowledge, connections, and investors’ network. You will also receive an investment of S$35,000 and office spaces at the heart of Singapore’s and Shenzhen’s start-up community. We are taking an equity stake of 7% for startups in exchange.

Where will we live?

It will be up to you to research and secure your housing for part of the program in Singapore. We will be securing accommodation for you during your stay in Shenzhen.

Application and Selection

What will you be looking for when choosing the startups?

We look at 4 key aspects in the selection process. This include:
1. Team Competency (Team’s background and team members’ ability to execute)
2. Soundness of the solution (Are you solving a problem big enough and worth paying for?)
3. Business Model (Can you make a profit from the business and is there a big enough market for you?)
4. Competitive advantages (Do you have a technological or business edge over your competitors?

What type of companies are you looking for?

We are looking for early-stage IoT startups in Digital Health and Wellness – (healthcare-related products,applications, and technologies that integrate and enhance healthcare delivery) and Smart Nation –(convergence of wireless technologies, sensors, and analytics, intelligent systems or products, and technologies that can improve the lives of citizens and building a stronger community.)

What stage of startups are you looking for?

We are looking at early-stage startups with a ready prototype. The startups should ideally be pre-series A and have conducted pilot tests with potential customers.

Can I apply if our company or founders are not from Singapore?

We welcome startups from around the world that desire to scale into Asia. The team has to be present in both Singapore and Shenzhen for the program duration. Once accepted, we can help to facilitate with the legal/immigration issues.

How is the selection process organized?

After the application window is closed, the AIRmaker team runs the accelerator selection process with the support of advisors. We will select 30 startups whom will be invited to present in front of the selection committee. In the final selection process, we will pick up to 18 teams to participate in the accelerator programme.

Do I need to have an incorporated business to apply for the programme?

The application can be done as an individual, but if you are selected to our program you have to incorporate your business in Singapore.